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On using Yoga, Feng Shui and Nutrition for Wellness...

Feng Shui is about seeing your home as your body. Yoga is about seeing your body as your home. These two practices can work together. One as coming from the outside and one as coming from the inside...

I am a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and registered Vinyasa and Trauma informed Yoga teacher with a love for nature and plants.   
I really enjoy connecting people to their natural support systems.
Feng Shui for Wellness came through my understanding of using directional energies to access and support different areas of our bodies.
Together we can work on strengthening your physical weaknesses and removing energy blockages with Feng Shui,
learn and practice a specific Yoga flow made to strengthen and increase energy to the areas you want to work on, as well as coming to a point of peace;
and put together a nutritional Plan to help you find and maintain your Health.


Роман Базюк

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