Tiger rising means remember yourself...

I recently went on a road trip,

you know those ones, when there is no real schedule- where you drive for days on end, look at the way people have formed the land, and more often, the land has formed the people.... It was good to be solitary for a while, no radio, no sound, other than my dog yawning every few hours, and the traffic, when I had to drive through towns and cities.

Taking a trip or some time out of our general routine, especially in ways that are unusual and open, tend to expand the mind, and puts us in touch with not only what is going on in the world- the tendencies, and energies, but also gives us a chance to recollect and remember what is really important to us.

Letting go of those fake priorities, that are put on us by the outside, and don't have anything to do with what is actually going on inside of us....

what the heart and spirit deem important.

My friend, Howard Bad Hand says; when you do a vision quest,

you are not seeking a vision from outside of you. You are not praying to an entity, but rather, the vision rises up from your own heart and spirit,

It seems hard sometimes to see. Especially in confusing times like these, when much of the world seems to be going backward, or is acting from a place of hunger for personal power and gain, and many have stopped thinking about the greater good,

or the best we can do for all.

In this heartbreaking time, I would like to say, that honestly, I think the worst you can do, is to let it break your heart.

One of the lessons I found during my trip, is that there are a few things that can weaken your spiritual energy, your light.

The three simple things I am now trying to remember daily, are:

Don't speak ill or bad of others. It simply takes from your own energy.

Don't compare yourself to others, and for heaven's sake, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

All of these things we tend to do on a daily basis, pull us out of our center, and take from the connection we have to life, to our intuition, and to self love and acceptance.

We cannot fight hate with hate or anger, as we all know.

Better to contribute, if we can, to the light and good in this world, whatever that means to you. Let us not feed the darkness anymore energy this year, but rather, create more light,

and enjoy these spaces on earth, that support and feed our joy and spirit.

Wishing you whatever is needed this season, to discover your own personal light, and nourish it, hold it dear. It is what will save the world eventually.


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