Shoes, Cars and Stars...

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Something I always remind myself of before going out to buy a new pair of shoes is;

does it match the path I want to walk on.

It seems obvious; if you can afford it you may be buying a pair shoes for work, some for going out, and some to match those pants,

but understanding shoes energetically as tied to your feet, and your feet as tied to your life path helps us to stay on the road we choose.

When we make a choice in our minds, maybe about changing our ways, our life path, our career, our spiritual ways, or relationship status,

this choice doesn't just involve a decision.

Supporting that decision must be energy, knowledge and belief of the self, and faith that the Universe will do the other part.

When you choose a pair of shoes to match the road you have decided to walk on, you are working with energy. Matching energy with a decision is powerful.

Shoes also have a lot to do with travel.

They are a representation of what you do, what you value, and how you show up in the world.

My little old black boots, that I bought cause they were cheap and go with everything are currently walking the path of a local restaurant, waiting tables to support my new path as Yoga teacher, Health and Feng Shui Consultant.

Does this mean my next pair are going to be vegan leather? Eco? Consistent with Yoga teacher style? Not necessarily. My heart tells me, get ones that last, are comfortable, keep my soles close to the earth, and show my simplicity and straight forward ways.

Remembering to ask your new shoes to support the new intended path can be a great help.

Cars and Shoes have a similar purpose, they are both (kind of) methods of transportation.

I have been thinking about getting a new car lately-

looking at the color my heart wants (green, apparently)

and wondering what kind of car I need, but also what represents me best out there.

All methods of transportation belong to 'Chien', or heavenly energy. In Western Feng Shui this sector is often called 'helpful people' or 'travel'.

Unlike shoes, most people only have one car, and unlike shoes, to a lot of people, cars are like a second home. A place to spend lots of time in. Have a certain music at hand.

Take a nap, or even eat some snacks. It is a private place. A place you can sit in and lock from the inside if you're feeling insecure. You can invite other people in to your car, and for a time they will share the journey with you.

Often cars are used to show others how much money we have, what our job is, how clean or messy we are. Sometimes they are used to attract others.

Maybe instead of showing what we want others to perceive about us,

it would be wiser to ask ourselves what we need and want through our Life's journey and what most expresses our truth.

Maybe my future car will be a 4x4 Pick-up. Something with a Canopy, for carting my stuff around, go through the rough country.

Something that talks about self-sufficiency and going to the top of a mountain to look at the stars...

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