Petals and Thorns

It’s an interesting thing,

We are in Sun, the gentle, the Hexagram for late Spring.

What am I talking about?

Every season has a certain energy, and belongs to a hexagram, according to Feng Shui, that we can access, and learn from.

Right now we’re in blooming season.

Late Spring.

Generally speaking, this hexagram is all about managing your time appropriately- with insight.

We actually have all the time we need to do what is good for us, to nourish ourselves, and take a look at the gifts we’ve been given.

It‘s about personal integrity. Taking time to nourish ourselves daily, and recognizing our own boundaries;

Marie Forleo has come up with some great videos lately; Boundary Boss is one that really hit home with me and has a lot to do with time management.

Not just what you need to do daily to achieve a long term result, but creating a space, or field in your time to do that. Its all about boundaries. Knowing what belongs to you, is yours to do, and what isn’t, creates tons of space for renewal.

Putting up. Thorns, against requests

or demands that do not nourish you and stretching out your petals into unchartered waters that may be uncomfortable at first but really contribute to your growth and wellness is all about working with this season. 😊. Wishing you nothing but beauty in this time....

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