on Winter magic time and feeding the good wolf...

There is something very special about people who can work away at one thing every day for a long time....especially to the point of mastery.... it's inspiring to me.

How many of us have that within us? To every day, create some time to do one thing, and go deep enough into it, so that we find ourselves challenged- even if it is just a little bit.

In this year coming, we are encouraged to do that. To find a slow and sure way to strengthen our inner resolve, our health and most of all strengthen our spirit.

2022 is a year of transition between 2 cycles, and the year will challenge us to find a way to stay calm in chaos and confusion, remember our own personal space and raise our vibration in order to match our energy to what is coming.

We are in the element of water this year, and one of the great lessons of water, is to stay on our path and adapt to each days' circumstance, just like water finds the places of least resistance; falls when it has to, stays still when it has to, freezes when conditions change--

This time, especially before February 4, 2022, is a great time to check into what our path really is, and how we choose to deepen it in the coming year.

A great year to learn more, to go deeper on our paths, in our resolve-

and just as important; learn to adapt to quickly changing circumstances.

This year coming is a very powerful one in terms of energy, and directly relates to our life force.

The challenge is learning ways to move through the daily struggles and coming to peace with them.

There is a native american story about two wolves that live inside us,

the light, or positive one that is full of love for self and forgiveness for others and the dark, negative one, that lists our faults, blames others and finds judgement.

Most of the time, these two wolves live in separate caves, but sometimes they come together and we battle ourselves.

To the question: Which wolf will win? the answer is, the one you feed...

This year is all about taking time to stop and get clear before you take the next step, make friends with time- meaning don't worry about the time between steps....

Find ways to let emotions flow, to let them go, and to take things one step at a time, going deeper every time and taking care not to get swept away by the whirlwinds of emotion and conflict that are surely going to be a part of this year, but to find the positive within yourself.

Personally I am starting to make a list of things that I love and that are important for my expansion-- and pick two or three to work on for 2022.

I'm going to leave you with two of my Dad Tom's great wisdoms;

1. When you know what you want to do, when you have decided, don't tell anyone. Keep it to yourself so the energy to actually do it doesn't get wasted, but goes straight toward the action.

2. When you want to know someone's character, don't look at their words, just look at their actions.

I wish you all great peace of mind, and a strengthened, brightened spirit through this solstice time, and remember to feed the good wolf...

Lots of love, Katie

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