Is late Summer the relationship finder?

Well it's definitely late Summer, and we're in 'Kun' the Earth trigram.

According to the I Ching, and most nature based belief systems, she's a lady.

She's the mother, and stands for the endless circle of life. She nourishes everything that takes seed.

In Western Feng Shui, Kun belongs to the romantic relationship area of the home.

Yesterday I looked online to see if there was a day or time when most people started relationships and all I could find is the day when most people broke off -December 11.

But that's a Winter story.

Here's what I know; Kun is also called 'the Receptive'. It is definitely feminine and right across from it is 'the seed' or Mountain, Ken. The youngest son. As this time is the definition of Yin, it is about going inward. It has a lot to do with the home, and it's energy elevates the mother.

It's lesson is not to go out after the male, but to recognize itself as home.

Kun in it's energy is asking the question of what you will accept into your home.

Because the Earth nourishes everything, you must draw the boundary of what you personally want to live with.

Sounds a lot like my last relationship!

The receptive is also the manifestor. Heaven, or Chien, provides the Spirit; the idea of life,

and Earth makes it real and makes it grow.

If you're looking for a romantic relationship at this time here are the keys;

1. Make space in your home: treat what you do have and want to keep in your life (belongings and people) with care and love. How you treat your belongings is a direct reflection of how you treat yourself, your time and your energy. If things that you have aren't connecting to your sense of joy (see Marie Condo...) say thank you and let them go to a different person who may love them and care for them in the best way.

In this way, make space. Space in your closet, your dressers, and your life.

--My recent lesson, that I want to share with you here, has been all about the idea of really finding joy in caring for what I have. This often takes time and in the past I've felt that 'I have more important things to do than folding these clothes right now, or keeping the kitchen in a way that makes me happy to cook the next time I walk into it.

But this habit - of not just folding clothes- but folding them with care-- or finding the best place for my spices in the kitchen- is all about not just loving and caring for yourself-- as what you have is an extension of you-- but also creates moments. It automatically brings you to the current moment, which is really the only moment that is real and open to manifestation.

2. Ask yourself what you are looking for; i.e.: what or who you want to invite into this sacred circle;

And instead of making a list of attributes and putting it under your pillow, follow your heart, and in your next meditation or prayer practice, check in and see if your mind, your heart, your spirit, and your energy are aligned in this quest.

Are you really open? and if not, maybe it's time to let go of fear, or whatever is holding you back here. (This is where focusing or tapping comes in real handy)

3. Trust. This is not the time to go bar-hopping. As the yin principle is directing this time, do the inner work, make the space, let go, and let Spirit bring the spark.

A typical Feng Shui move (as you'll have read all over the internet) is to add a 'pair' to the Southwest or your area for Love, according to your kua number. The reason for this is, that because Kun is the manifestor, she needs to know what you're looking for. Showing her could mean adding a picture of a human couple, or a male and female bird flying together--

but simply setting up your bedroom and relationship area in a way that makes space for another can make a big difference.

Remember that for another 4 weeks or so the Southwest is highlighted. So bringing some energy here, (all you men and women), whether that means cleaning your windows, or placing yellow flowers, or simply clearing the area and burning some incense will help you to respect and open up to the female energy of earth.

Here's wishing you a beautiful late Summer season, may you be content in the moment, and enjoy the beauty of life in all its mystery.

Much love, Katie.

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