Fall means clearing & knowing.

Fall is here.

We are in the season of clearing and knowing. There is color everywhere here in Taos-- well, at least there was until that heavy rain we had last week. Now most of the Gold has dropped and the branches are becoming more visible and defined. The life force is going deeper. Trees are no longer spending energy on keeping leaves, but going down to the roots- the basis of life.

Fall is all about the metal element. Metal is about letting go.

On a physical level, this time is all about shedding.

What no longer serves you?

The you on a deeper level. The true you.

Whether it is about outward appearances,

clutter in your home,

your attitude,

or the many little ways and directions you let your energy get pulled on a daily basis,

what has reached its end?

It's a good time to make some choices.

The energy of this season will support you in coming back to your true nature-

finding your knowing or that connection to creation that we all carry.

Good ways to invite this Chi of Autumn into your life are spending time outside,

clearing the dead wood and plants, making fires,

Taking hot showers and exfoliating,

Sorting out what no longer represents who you are, and giving it away,

recycling, throwing out-- finding the beauty in a simple day and an organized space.

I like to have a good Autumn clean and bring in some candles this time of year.

Spiritually speaking, it's time to come back home.

Remembering those things that nourish your spirit, and help it to expand.

It's okay to release stuff.

The essentials - those things that make up the true you, don't get lost.

They are highlighted when you become brave enough to let go,

and come back to what truly matters.

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