Traditional meets Intuitive

As an energy intuitive, my interest in Feng Shui started many years ago. The beauty of Feng Shui is the understanding that the energies around us really want to support us, and opening ourselves to this support is what this Art is all about. 

I recognized some time ago that we all paint a picture of ourselves when we build or decorate our home and Garden.

Changing our Health, Luck, and general Well-being is about clearing what doesn't help us,  connecting to Land and Home, recognizing and utilizing the natural support that is present.

As a Landscape designer, and lover of all living things my passion is working with the natural elements.

My specialties are Landscapes and New Homes.


Feng Shui Services


Native Feng Shui Designs

Feng Shui is a circle. Just as we nourish and respect our surrounding energies, these energies in turn will nourish and support our well-being.  

Let's find the herbs, flowers, natural elements, and directional energies that lift and energize you, and create a professional design that will bring you joy year round.

Landscape Designs starting at $200.  

*zoom and online consultations available.

Feng Shui Home Design

Before you build or move into your Home, let us create a blueprint together that will energetically support you and the members of your family, creating a link and a support system between the energies present and the support you need for a harmonious and nourishing Home using natural elements. 

Consultations include on site meetings,

A blueprint that meets your needs and wishes, as well as zoom and email support.                                                                                        Live Consultation Starting at $110

*zoom and online consultations available.