Vinyasa meets Bhakti

Vinyasa is about flow and rhythm, Bhakti is about love for self and spirit.

Working in a meditative flow is something that I feel brings joy and a sense of ritual to Yoga practice. 

Recognizing and opening ourselves to connect with the universal, and supportive energy that surrounds us, is the goal of every practice.  

Some days we may have to work out some emotional kinks before yoga practice- some days we may have to work on forgiving ourselves and opening our hearts again.

Wherever we are, Yoga is about re-balancing what needs re-balancing, and reconnecting, so we can move forward.



Wellness Services

Collaborating on Yoga and Nutrition

Lets work together on finding a Yoga practice that fits your physical needs and Lifestyle. 
A personalized nutritional plan that is easy to follow, gives energy and puts a smile on your face.

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Personal Yoga Coaching

A personalized practice to meet your body's needs, help you with neutralizing emotions, and opening the heart to new experiences.     

1.5 hour coaching includes one on one session and a recording of your flow.  $70      

Weekly 45 min sessions available 

at $140 per month.

Private Yoga and Nutritional Consult

Working with your lifestyle and needs, this 2 hour Consultation includes a personalized Yoga practice, Pranayama and daily Meditation, as well as a Nutritional Plan to increase energy and health.   
Please feel free to contact me for details or questions.       $95


Private Group Yoga Flow

Adding a Yoga Class with a theme to a Group Event
or offering a private Yoga Class for your Group can help bring people together. 
Let's find a theme to match what you're working on.
I work with Trauma informed Yoga, Meditative Flows, or a simple physical practice.   
1 hour consult/class  $50