Vinyasa meets Bhakti

Vinyasa is about flow and rhythm, Bhakti is about love for self and spirit.

Working in a meditative flow is something that I feel brings joy and a sense of ritual to Yoga practice. 

Recognizing and opening ourselves to connect with the universal, and supportive energy that surrounds us, is the goal of every practice.  

Some days we may have to work out some emotional kinks before yoga practice- some days we may have to work on forgiving ourselves and opening our hearts again.

Wherever we are, Yoga is about re-balancing what needs re-balancing, and reconnecting, so we can move forward.



Food Medicine

Food has always been a strong indicator of how I'm doing. How aware I am and what choices I make here often mirror my awareness and ability to make good choices in the other areas of my life. 

The truth is that through my physical weaknesses, digestive and candida issues, lack of energy and immunity, I have always come back to food to help me maintain and slowly repair.  

Through experience I have found that; 1. everyone is different, and how we eat should reflect our likes and dislikes, habits, strengths and weaknesses, and 2. There has to be joy in it, otherwise what's the point?

If you would like a collaborator to create a nutritional plan with you and for you, that brings joy, healing, and energy, I am always ready and excited to take that journey with you.


Currently available

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Zoom Yoga

Mondays at 10 am MT

Join me for an hour slow vinyasa flow for all levels.

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Private Yoga Class with optional Nutritional Consult.

Personalized Yoga Flow

Looking at your personal wishes, strengths and weaknesses, let's create a Yoga flow that helps you move forward.

Balance, flexibility and strength in your practice translates to the same in your life. 

Great Nutrition and the joy of fresh, delicious food work hand in hand with your Yoga practice.  Working with what you love, your rhythm of eating, and what your body needs to think clearly, increase energy, health and a sense of well-being.


Current Taos Yoga Schedule

Taos Spa and Tennis Club

Vinyasa Yoga Flow for all levels

Thursdays at 10 am

Saturdays at 8 am