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“Feng Shui is about really seeing and working with your home and garden to unite your highest self with the energies present -creating a space that is supported and furthers your physical and spiritual well-being."

"Yoga is about recognizing your body as your home, and working with your body to unite your true self with the universal energy, creating physical, mental and spiritual harmony within the self."

"One works from the outside in, the other from the inside out."


Ongoing seasonal Yoga & Feng Shui

Zoom with us every Saturday

Each Season carries an element, an energy, a story that we can access to help us reconnect to ourselves. 

We will tell stories, share experiences, practice seasonal yoga flows and gather inspiration to make good changes.

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Personal Wellness

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Connecting the dots

The first leg of my journey started in 2003.  My daughter was two years old, and I took a certification course in Landscape Design.  My main interest in design has always been Feng Shui, and I played around a lot with different ideas.  I worked for some time in Landscape Design, and after studying many Feng Shui books, and most importantly the I Ching, I became a certified Feng Shui Consultant in 2017.  

My experience with directional and seasonal energies led me to write a  work-book on Feng Shui, and after offering a Workshop on inner Feng Shui and Yoga in 2018, I decided to dive into a Yoga Teacher Certification. My other strong interest has been herbs and nutrition.  I have a specialist ayurvedic certification and currently teach Yoga in Taos.  I offer private Yoga Coaching and Feng Shui Consultations, and will be teaching  a course on Feng Shui through UNM starting in early September.  

My true interest, that combines all of these is connection.  I believe we all carry not only a specific energy, but also a Life lesson or two, and utilizing our personal support system through the energies and elements around us will help us, not only live in beauty, but find joy and support in our daily lives.

Katie Johann, June 2021



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